Wednesday, April 21, 2010

English phrase, just for today: cheap as chips

I'd never heard this expression that Jo oh-so nonchalantly said today, and I thought it was too cute and funny to not share.


  1. guessing that Jo may be English?

    Another fav of mine is '2 chips short of a butty' ie not quite in tune with the real world!

  2. She's an Aussie... but what's "a butty"!?

  3. a 'butty' is a sandwich! We have 'chip butty's' - bread and butter and chips (and ketchup for me).

    Lots of words the same between UK and Aussies - my Aussie friend has just arrived and mostly we understand each other - apart from what she calls 'thongs' and we call 'flip-flops'