Friday, April 23, 2010


Fingers crossed I’m flying off to Sicily.

I’m going to indulge at the new Vedura Spa, sample the sea salt of Trapani, maybe taste the wine in Marsala, smell the Mediterranean, eat fresh seafood, drown everything in local olive oil, and probably break down and eat some bread. The weather is supposed to be crap—it will be warmer and sunnier here in Paris—but I’ll take it. Three nights in Sicily sounds really swell right now.


  1. Verdura Spa is gorgeous! Have a wonderful time!

  2. have a wonderful time. Just back from a trip to Belgium where I disovered that they have a Specoloos liquer!!

  3. Merci, mes amis! I had a delicious time in Sicily and am (as always) happy to be back in Paris. To celebrate, I had L'As du Fallafel and finally saw the Izis exhibition—brilliant!