Monday, February 1, 2010

Weather check: what the...

My grandfather, a New England Yankee if there ever was one, used to say, “If you don’t like the weather, stick around for awhile—it’ll change.” He should have been in Paris.

Yesterday I forgot gloves but happily didn’t get frostbite. This morning when I left for work, I needed the gloves but I was also wearing sunglasses. I had to stop at the post office on the way and when I came out, it was snowing. I was freezing in the raw air the rest of the day. Tomorrow, rain. Wednesday and probably Thursday, too. Blech. However, the 10-day forecast—say what??—is creeping up to 50 by Sunday. (Say hallelujah!)


  1. snow in London - aircon on train blowing cold air!!!! Colder when I got off than when I got on.

    Never wear gloves - can't cope with them.

    Hopefully warmer by the 19th for my next Paris trip - R&J and 'Un violon sur le toit'

    Yell if you want annything anglo-saxon bringing over from London!

  2. Yep. It's the shits, Eli! Spring can't be too far away, though...

    And thanks so much for the offer to be my anglo-saxon mule! It just so happens that I'm heading up to London next weekend and plan to load up on Red magazine, Cadbury chocolates (just to understand the fuss) and Boots beauty products. :)

  3. Enjoy your trip!!

    Cadbury's - not a huge fan though I do love the Bourneville chocolate and everybody has to taste a Creme Egg once in their life! Very different to European chocolate and a lifetime away from Hersheys - I was so looking forward to my first taste in Boston and literally spat it out!!!

    Added 'Cendrillon' to my theatre list - am a sucker for a handsome prince!