Friday, February 5, 2010

So cute you could just eat it

I have mixed feelings about the Café Gourmand. I don’t like to be teased so a dessert that isn’t really a dessert, but is rather three small tastes of dessert, goes against my instincts.


I had a lunch outing at work: wine, bread, a nice big salad for me, lots of meat—carpaccio, tartare and grilled—for everyone else. And, being that it was a big, fat working lunch for which we didn’t have to pick up the tab, of course everyone wanted dessert the end of the meal. Seven out of the eight were getting the Café Gourmand. What’s a girl to do? (Succumb to peer pressure.)

The thing that struck me the most was the utter cuteness. I mean, really. Just look at it. Three spoonfuls of chocolate mousse, sealed in a miniature mason jar? Ridiculous.

The next thing that struck me is that I might actually become a Café Gourmand convert. The portions satiate that need-a-sweet instinct at the end of a meal. And the variety lets you greedily sample multiple desserts with limited gluttony. Pas mal.

The last thing that struck me is that my ass really can't take any more meals like this.


  1. It took me a while to like this dessert as well, but I love it now. It is great way to get a sample of several desserts - but it is also the ONLY way to get your coffee WITH your dessert in France :-)

  2. That's so true, Andi! Yeah, I can see how this could become a habit...