Friday, February 26, 2010

French phrase of the day: tarte à la crème

Def: Cliché, something that’s been done ad nauseum. Like many Hollywood romances and Hallmark cards. Taking long walks on the beach. Talking for hours over a bottle of wine. Red roses. Tarte à la crème, amigos!

Of course, it also means yummy cream pies. But the colloquialism is more delicious.


  1. MMMM. Makes me want a Beard Papa maintenant! Turns out there are
    A LOT of locations in Southern Cali! Hmmmmmm.....

  2. Hi! I linked over from Avignon in Photos (love hers) and your blog is great! Someday, maybe I can do a second blog "God I Love Rome"'s my dream to live there. I have been to Paris once (hubby was there frequently on business and speaks French) and Rome twice (I speak fair Italian). Well, maybe TMI, but I'll be following you now. Great job here.