Thursday, February 18, 2010

Paris chow-down

After a week of relatively healthy eating, I have fallen off the wagon. In the past 24 hours, I’ve been powerless to say no to:

• The ceasar chicken sandwich—the very first sandwich I ever ate at Cojean, and my very favorite, on the menu this week.
• Michael came over to fix my cable and watch the Olympics. We needed dinner. Rotisserie chicken from the boucherie was absolutely perfect.
• Crepes, cookies and apple crumble. Our semi-monthly petite dej at the office was as over-the-top as usual.
• And tonight, an agency party. I know I’ll indulge in an overload of cheese and champagne. Mais, c’est la vie. That’s what France is for.


  1. Cheese and champagne can never be considered to be an overload!!

    In Paris later today - 'Un Violon sur le toit' which has to finish realtively early as another show starts at 9.30pm so guessing I will visit one of my favs for the cheese plate with honey!!! And one of the best Cosmos anywhere!!