Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Cheese & Pizza

When I’m not binging on a three- or five-course meal, I love just nibbling on some cheese or pizza—which I’ve also been doing a lot of lately.

Maria Luisa: 2, rue Marie-et-Louise, 10eme
Went with: Jo and Olivier on a Thursday night
Had: I got the vegetarian, which, I forgot had mushrooms on it, so I spent more time picking out the insidious fungi than I did enjoying the mozzarella and aubergine. Jo’s margarita was nice and simple—proof that pure ingredients, nine times out of ten are the way to go. Olivier’s pizza du jour was a white pie with spinach and sausage.
Impressions: The space was cute, the staff was sweet, the menu was massive, the anticipation was great… but the pizza was ordinary. Overall, a nice spot to sample, but no need to rush over.

La Briciola: 64, rue Charlot, 3eme
Went with: Sarah on a Monday night
Had: We split an amazing caprese pizza. The sweet sauce, beautiful mozzarella and modest basil leafs were pitch-perfect individually and especially together. We also split a nice bianca pizza, piled high with rocket, slightly stewed cherry tomatoes and parm. Yummy pizza.
Impressions: Lovely little neighborhood spot with a chic Haute-Marais crowd. It was full (bonus points: they’re open Monday nights) and the bartender was cute. And, hey, great pizza!

La Trinquette: 67, rue des Gravilliers, 3eme

Went with: Sarah on a Tuesday night
Had: Un plat mixte: a little fromage pour moi, a little chacturie and paté for Sarah, great olives, and even a tapenade that was mild enough so as to not turn my stomach, all served on/with doughy Eric Kayser bread. Perfect.
Impressions: This place, not even two months in, already has a serious fan base. It’s always jammed with fabulous, young Frenchies, and it feels homey and alive in a way that usually only comes with heritage. The three young guys who opened it specialize in Southern France and know their goods. I'm glad this is in my 'hood.


  1. Are you time traveling or has Vegan week fallen by the wayside?

  2. mmmm pizza. i went to this place for the first time last week: ...they run an efficient little business out of a tiny spot right by metro Parmentier. it's a square, crispy-cheesy-spongy pizza, not the typical round thin-crust kind, but a worthy strain nonetheless!

    love your blog :)

  3. Legrandzombie, I'm not traveling, but I do store posts like a squirrel with nuts. But I must also confess that Vegan Week was only partially successful. It was Halfa Vegan Week. Four days. But then I had a friend visiting and had to go to dinner and I didn't want to be a killjoy so... Halfa Vegan Week.

    April, merci for the pizza lead and the compliment! :)