Monday, February 8, 2010

Scallops, crystal meth and veganism

I thought my body was rebelling from all the eating I’ve been doing as of late. But I think what it was telling me is that I’m allergic to scallops.

For the second time in about a month, I woke up in the middle of the night, horribly sick to my stomach—with chills, sweats, weak knees and all. On both nights that this has happened, I had scallops for dinner. But this weekend was much worse (I also ate more scallops).

It’s been a long time since I’ve been sick like that. I just slept for 27 of the past 34 hours—an extraordinary feat for this girl. I had no strength or appetite; no focus or motivation. And I was utterly exhausted. So I slept, and slept. (I could and would have slept even more if it weren’t for a certain feline always nudging me for his kibbles…)

When I wasn’t sleeping, I was plowing through Under the Dome. Yup, still reading the Stephen King tome; I have about 150 pages to go. As always with King, it’s a strange story. There are the obligatory paranormal bits, but this one also has religion and crystal meth sub-plots. And then last night on the couch, I started watching Breaking Bad, also about crystal meth. I don’t think the descriptions and visuals of either are doing anything for my upset stomach.

Whether it’s the scallops or the meth, I still have no appetite. And since I only ate an apple and some toast yesterday, and don’t foresee eating much more today, well, there you go: two vegan days without even trying! I just kicked off my veganism experiment.

I’ve been keen to try a vegan-week ever since hanging out with Craig for New Year’s. I think this is the week. No eggs, cheese or yogurt. No smoked salmon quiche, roasted chicken or chevre chaud salads. No baked goods. And definitely no more scallops. It won’t be easy, but it just might be enlightening.

(I know this was a really appetizing post. But if you've ever thought of giving up meat, seeing as today is Monday and all, I'd encourage you to check out Meat Free Mondays.)

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