Monday, February 15, 2010

London love connection

Let’s just start by looking at these faces.

Are they not the cutest kids in all of Great Britain?

Maybe I’m biased because they’re also so sweet and affectionate. I love feeling their little paws on me and the softness of their cheeks when they smoosh their faces against mine.

In any case, Annika and Aidan are the greatest and visiting them and Chris and Dana is always a huge boost for me.

The weather was predictably cold and damp—just the way it’s been in Paris all winter. But still, we got out and got around.

We took a quick ride over to their local playground on Saturday and then spent the rest of the day at home. Dana made a killer meal, the way only she can do, and Chris treated us all to Valentine’s roses, champagne and cakes (good brother!).

On Sunday we went to the lovely Horniman Museum for the “Myths and Monsters” exhibition. (Eeek!)

Lots of dress-up, music exploration, animal fascination and those monsters.

I love how many emotions are visible on Aidan’s face when he’s telling a story—he gets so excited. The cutest ever.

Yay for family.

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