Saturday, February 27, 2010

Satisfying chasers for that Big Mac

The French can laugh at Americans for being stupid and fat, but god forbid they pass up a slice of cheesecake. Especially if it’s covered in Reddi-Whip and mini M&Ms.

There’s definitely a movement happening here in Paris. Muffins at Bob’s Juice Bar, scones at Rose Bakery, cupcakes at Berko, bagels, brownies (and cheesecake) at Bagels and Brownies, Millie’s Cookies (“the best cookies in London”) near the Opera, blueberry pancakes at Breakfast in America, hot dogs and pastrami sandwiches in the Marais… Anglophone food bits—the sillier and more outrageous, the better—is so à la mode

As Jo and I were battling the young hipsters for a table at Twinkie, the new “breakfast all day” restaurant around the corner from my apartment on Sunday afternoon, it became quite apparent to us that we must open an Anglophone café. The French worship at our junk food and pop culture alters… shouldn’t we be the ones profiting from it?

Here are some places that are…

WH Smith
Duncan Hines

Carr’s Crackers
Skippy peanut butter

Le Bon Marché
Pop Tarts
Dylan’s candy

Strawberry Fluff
Aunt Jemima

Hellman’s mayonnaise
Graham crackers

The Real McCoy
Reeses Pieces
Jiffy Pop
Stovetop Stuffing