Sunday, February 21, 2010

Four stars on the Eurostar

Next time you book a Eurostar ticket, be sure to closely check the rate difference between Second class and Leisure.

The past two times I’ve returned to Paris from London, it’s actually been cheaper to go Leisure—crazy, considering you get champagne, a three-course dinner and free glossy magazines. Yesss.


  1. I booked my Eurostar trip in a hurry and got the Leisure seat by accident. It was wonderful to ride into Paris with an unexpected glass of champagne!

  2. That was exactly what happened to me & now I'm hooked! It must be a clever marketing ploy on their part, but it's obviously working. :)

  3. its often the way if you book relatively late! There are a set number of each band of prices and the standard cheapies sell out fast.

    I find that the food is nowhere near as good as it was a few years ago - and that applies to the Bar-buffet as well as Leisure Select. And once we left Paris and they announced that no food was available on Leisure select!!! Heck just leave me a bottle of champagne - which is a completely different story about them moving my seat to the one reserved for a carer and then totally ignoring me throughout the drinks service - told them I was disgusted as I also was with the fact that both glasses (these days only one!) were chipped. Not only did I get a bottle of champagne (which I donated to the 4 Canadians sat in front of me)but 100 Frequent Traveller points - helped towards a free trip!!

    As a Carte Blanche holder I have access to the business lounges (best one is Brussels for the chocolate!)with snacks, papers, magazines, internet access etc, and points towards free trips - usually a couple a year if I go Leisure Select! I have discovered that it is always worth complaining if something goes wrong which goes against my British attitude of just accepting!