Thursday, February 4, 2010

Change the story

This morning's yoga class started with a little diatribe from the yoga nazi. She was saying how, every day, everyone talks about the negative stuff: dwelling on what they can't do, what's wrong with their lives, how their back hurts, how it sucks being single, that they want to lose weight, etc., etc. Lord knows i do my fair share of bellyaching. But I'm also conscious of the time and energy it takes. Sometimes it's absolutely exhilarating, getting in a big, messy bitch session. Usually, though, I hate myself for investing the precious time.

So her Secret-ish sermon that every time we open our mouths and let negative words slip out, we are actually creating more negativity, not expelling it, was greatly appreciated and fully supported (Changez l'histoire, she said, changez l'histoire...). Turns out, the message came on a good day as i could really let loose about some work stuff right now. Instead, I'll just leave that obnoxious little cliffhanger for you.

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  1. I had a little chuckle when I read your comment about the yoga nazi! When I was in Paris last July, I went to a yoga studio in the 4th. As you probably know from your practice in the states, that yoga teachers over here (for the most part) teach practice and patience; if you can't get into the final pose, that's okay - you'll get there eventually.
    After I left my practice at that studio, I referred to the instructor as the yoga nazi! She "handled" me, which I was completely not used to. I sympathize. Hang in there!!