Friday, April 10, 2009

Yay for pie

I’ve never been a pie nut, but things might change here in Paris.

Lionel, who lives in Montmartre, told me about Les Petits Mitrons. Since he had also told me about Coquelicot (I would like to go back for one of those little Coeurs), and mentions Pierre Hermé on a weekly basis, I know he knows what he's talking about.

There’s certainly no shortage of options at this cute little patisserie: chocolate-walnut, chocolate-pear, apple-pear, straight up chocolate, straight up apple, apricot, peach, rhubarb, fig, fruits-rouges (mixed berries), strawberry-cream, mixed fruit…

and that’s just at this one place. If I get hooked on pie now, there’s no telling what more I will discover.

I figured I had to start with the classic and got une piéce of the apple. God, was it delicious. Fresh, sweet and bright-tasting, with a beautifully sweet crust... bravo, Francais!

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