Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Drink that chocolate

Thank god for the Louvre. It’s a classic Paris thing “to do” when the weather is merde.

But even more than the Louvre, thank god for Angelina. My back goes into spasms if I spend more than a couple hours strolling around looking at art. What better antidote than sitting at a salon de thé?

Mom, Bob and I made a break from the Louvre and went to Angelina. While we sampled some of the pretty-as-picture pastries and cakes, I can say that it’s only the hot chocolate that’s worth the hype. Velvety and rich, it’s thick enough to coat your tongue, but not so thick that it sticks to your teeth. It’s served in a small pitcher with a side of freshly whipped cream. This is hot chocolate that is worth coming to Paris for.

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