Saturday, April 25, 2009

Views from the office

This is pretty much what I stare at every day. But there’s always an entertaining stream of characters walking by to go to Fred’s office, which is in the salon right to my right.

This is what I see when I approach my desk in the morning. Nice Parisian light coming in from the window behind me. The open work environment isn’t ideal for productivity or privacy, but it’s a nice way to get to know people and be surrounded by the French language.

And if I stand up and turn around, I peek outside at the Champs Elysée.

This is me, looking straight up, up at the ceiling.

And if I look across the room…

When I first started, I was giddy every morning walking in here. I mean, come on!! Now, it often doesn’t even register. I come in and get to work, just like anyone else. But every once in awhile, I make sure that I pause at my computer, look around me, and reconnect with those holy shit! happy feelings. Doesn't it make you just giggle?


  1. Wow, Aim! AMAZING!!!!! Think of you every day and am following the blog closely!



  2. Wow! Just found the blog and am enjoying your writing. It is astounding what a person can grow accustomed to, so it's nice that you're still able to sit back and be amazed at your surroundings.