Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Coucou & kisses

Just as I’m getting used to the French work habits, I’m getting used to their written communications.

A few weeks ago, I was wigged out by a guy who signed all his emails “kisses.” It seemed a bit much—like he was coming on a bit too strong. Then his best friend emailed. He signed his note with “xoxo.” Hmmm… maybe a little friendly competition? More likely, I figured, they fall in a camp that is 180 degrees opposite from the uber-aloof style and they’re just goofy-friendly. This theory was confirmed yesterday when a guy I haven’t even met yet signed his email with kisses, too.

In addition to these oddly demonstrative sign-offs, the French make weird sounds. Just little uh-huh, beep beep, tsk tsk noises, but lots of them. And sometimes they say hello with “coucou!” It’s all just so strangely funny from an otherwise haughty nation.

1 comment:

  1. In Buenos Aires, everyone kisses , both cheeks , when meeting, when saying goodbye and when they write emails or letters, they write the kisses/besos to you.
    There is nothing at all wrong with a place where people kiss each other all the time... now is there ? :)

    un beso~ Candice