Sunday, April 12, 2009


I was on the hunt for one of the best croissants in the city, a succulent for my windowsill, and some dried fruit from the place on rue Oberkampf that I found a couple weeks ago. With so much ground to cover, I grabbed a Velib.

The 20th arrondisement is way east in the city, and one of the few neighborhoods that is hilly. Indeed, you can stand at the top of rue Ménilmontant and see the multi-colored Pompidou and gold-decorated dome of Les Invalides (at least that’s what I think I was looking at) off in the distance.

But it was as I pedaled up through Belleville, a middle-of-gentrification neighborhood, that I had such a happy jolt. I was suddenly reminded of one of my favorite movies: The Triplets of Belleville.

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  1. I am reading your blog from the beginning and if it is ok, will comment as I go ..
    We just saw a film tonight , we looked up the actor that we liked, he and his wife live in Belleville. I said to my husband, he and the Triplets !
    And now I read this ... hmmm... is something telling me/us to move to Paris and live in Belleville ?