Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Pastry check-in

Because I don’t get out of work until 7, unless I’m really starving and grab a pastry after work, my weeks are largely void of sweets. This is good for my ass. But it also means I go a little crazy on the weekends.

Out and about, on foot or bicycle, with about 14 hours of daylight, I pass many, many boulangeries, patisseries, chocolatiers and confisseries and it’s hard to resist. Indeed, I research and seek out a few in particular (I’m trying to keep up with Sweet Freak, too).

This past weekend, I really did it up.

It started with a beautifully soft and buttery croissant from La Flute Gana. Truly, truly buttery, flakey and delicious.

Later in the day, I had an excellent American treat: a cupcake from the seven-month-old Cupcake & Co. It was pistachio cake, with a raspberry jam center and cream cheese frosting. Divine, I tell you. Taking on the Americans in the sweets world is apparently no problem.

My other two sweets were good, not great. There was a petit gateau with coconut in the batter and a chocolate fondant center and an apple tart from Poilane (cutest little web site). This boulangerie is renowned for its breads, which I’m also a sucker for, but when it comes to sweets, I should really stick to the hardcore patisseries.

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