Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The power of language

Ah yes, it’s a lesson I’m learning over and over again here. But this time, happily, the lesson is how little things as simple as words can make you happy.

In addition to the cutest card—my first piece of snail mail here in Paris—I received the other day from dear Nina (do the men all have curly moustaches? is there lots of kissing in the alley ways? she wanted to know), I just received the cutest email from one of my colleagues. I don’t ordinarily share other peoples’ messages without their consent, but just read this and you’ll fall in love with her:


...A hot handmade bread
...A super flaky apple turnover fulled with real fruits
...The surprising flavors of cumin, carvi and curcuma in a olive bread
Sounds good for you ?

Here is some of my favorites adresses for a happy sunday (or any other day !)
(All is just per-fect !)

Boulangerie Véronique Mauclerc
83, rue de Crimée,
(And if you dont already know Le parc de la Butte Chaumont, it's really nice, and pretty near of the bakery, so you can have a beautiful walk after a good bread time ;)
(It's more commercial than the 2 other, but all of there stuff is irresistibles!)

Have a good gourmet time !

Isa :)

...Sorry my bad english :S

Already, she knows me well.

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