Thursday, April 30, 2009

Hello, I miss you

This is strange. I feel out of touch with you all since I haven’t been able to write this week. And I miss “talking” to you.

But, the sad truth is, I don’t have much to report. It’s been a rapid-fire week at work: long, non-stop days. Especially since two of them started at 8:30 with French lessons. When work is so busy, the days just blend together, leaving little space in my life, much less my head, for observing and appreciating the little things I love about Paris.

I did go to a really fun concert with Michael Monday night. These guys:

And I was pained to hear Momofuku is serving Fruity Pebble cookies. Why, oh why, couldn’t they dream these up before I left??

But today is my Friday. Tomorrow is a national holiday (read: no work). As is next Friday. Followed by the 21st, which falls on a Thursday so we get Friday the 22nd off as well. Yeesss, despite these long days as of late, France’s reputation for a relaxed work ethic is allegedly quite apparent during the month of May. I’m looking forward to it.

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