Thursday, November 4, 2010

Hey, sugar

Aside from the name, I love everything about GOOP.

I love the range of topics it covers (relationships, fashion, cooking, travel—in fact, it’s how I found the fabulous Grand Hotel Nord Pinus).

I love the range of experts consulted: nutritionists, stylists, film directors, chefs, personal trainers, rabbis, yogis, Hollywood bimbettes.

I love that it’s Gwyneth, and that she’s not afraid to be, by turns, earnest, dorky and vain.

And, I love how, for some reason, her newsletters are always perfectly timed to be relevant to what’s happening in my life. Including this week’s missive on sugar addiction.

Sugar addiction? Moi?? Mais non…. Mais ouuaai… today is really the first day I’m feeling normal after last week’s alcohol-chocolate-sugar-rich-foods binge. Physically and psychiologically, I have been paying the price. Puffy eyes, heavy legs, stomach aches… sexy, no??

But I love my sweets. I love the taste of praline, the texture of dried apples, the caramelized goodness of a fig tart or apple tartin. I love the concept of treating myself—and so easily and relatively inexpensively. I love the pleasure they give me, to say nothing of the comfort. 3600 miles from home, with only Milo there to greet me every night—well, thank goodness bonbons are good company in my book!

I know they’re really bad for me, given my genes and health history. I know I feel better when I cut them out of my diet. I know I should follow all of these rules and tricks for sugar addicts. Of course I know all this, I’m a smart girl.

But still, I don’t know if I can give up sugar. I don’t know if I want to.


  1. Oh I love love love Goop! The name is a little odd though, I agree! :)
    I do like sweets too as well, especially with frozen yogurt friday, and the copious amounts of halloween candy I just ate!

    I don't buy sugar at the grocery store. They only thing that has sugar are the fruits I buy and the oatmeal I buy as well (thank goodness it's gotten healthier!)

  2. I tell myself that the energy and lightness I feel when I haven't had sugar should be enough of a motivation to give it up completely but it keeps calling. Then I think, Jennifer Aniston sure looks good but it must be horrific to dream about sweets, no? =) Gwyneth too, let's be honest!

  3. As I read this, all full of lasagna and apple pie, I agree with you.
    I take 3 spoons of sugar in my coffee, I drink at least 3 cups in the morning, plus the rest of the days coffees and teas ...
    Chocolate, sugar and pasta.
    I think Sunday, I am going on a healthy diet.
    Less carbs and more lettuce ... or something like that.

  4. PS .. about Hey, Sugar !
    I grew up in North Carolina. . where people called me Sugar.
    Or referred to kisses as sugar ... Hey, Sugar, come give me some sugar ... affectionately said to a child ..

  5. seriously though, gwen, we cant all be as perfect as you are! I think if gwen lived in paris she would be marching to the beat of a different drummer.

  6. I am totally a sugar addict who finally had so many bad health symptoms that I had to stop. I could not tolerate what was happening in my body because of it! I gave it up, and it was so, so, so hard, but I did it.

    I write this just having jumped off the wagon today, though. I bought some Haribo candy, gluten and dairy-free, but *full* of sugar. I'm already feeling sick, and know just what is going to happen next if I don't get off it again soon! It *is* possible, though, and once out of the full addiction, which for me took about six weeks, I started feeling a lot better. I have to say as a former smoker that giving up sugar is 1,000 times harder than quitting smoking, though! Really. For me it was, anyway.

    But you can doooo eeeeet! Wait until you leave France though. Just sayin'. Haha!

  7. I love Goop too, think they are great. I have cut back on a lot of sugar and unhealthy food in general, but can't cut it out completely, love chocolate too much!

  8. I love you guys - thanks for sharing my sugar addiction and Goop fandom!

  9. Omg, Goop is my guilty pleasure. And here I thought I was the only one... I'll have to check out the sugar article, especially after my latest discovery: palmiers. So flaky, butter sweet and delicious, and guaranteed to make me feel like crap for the rest of the day.