Monday, August 16, 2010

Amy hearts Arles

Three days in Provence, and I understand the allure of passing a whole year there.

There were no grand adventures, no unexpected treasures. No jam-packed days or omigod moments. Just three languid days of summer weather (curse you, Paris), strolling and exploring (my flaneur'ing is getting quite good), eating well (no sugar or alcohol! I'm serious!) and relaxing and enjoying (can you say 10 hours of sleep? Two nights in a row? Mon dieu…)

It was sort of how I envisioned it. Charming, relaxing, wonderful.

Le Grand Hotel Nord Pinus lured me down, and it didn’t disappoint. Tres cool! Going in...


And coming back out onto La Place du Forum...

As one of my favorite pastimes is wandering new towns and villages, the narrow nooks and windy streets, with their colorful shutters and thriving greens were perfect.


The shops and restaurants were equally charming.

The Saturday market was sprawling and impressive (1 euro for a melon! And I paid only 80 centimes for two delicious peaches! Incroyable!)

And then there were the ruins for which Arles is best known.

And the photography festival, which I will write about for The Moment.

I’m not much of a history buff so I wouldn’t have otherwise gone inside some of these ancient churches and buildings. But having an excuse to—it’s where many of the exhibitions were held—just might convert me.

I also popped over to Saint-Remy for a day—another darling town, begging to be eaten up.

Arles, Saint-Remy, Provence… I get it, I get it! More reasons to love France.


  1. What a wonderful trip, Amy! God, what I wouldn't kill for some sunshine right now. Curse you, Paris is right! I just had a friend move to Aix-en-Provence and she says that weather is...perfect.

    I wonder if I might not just end up living down there one of these days, after all....

  2. Perfect! Great photos. I would love to see all of this for myself one day!

  3. Wonderful way to wake up, wandering down all those narrow lanes, the ivy, the vaulted ceilings and bright colors.
    I really think we need to be there .. if not live there, at least visit .. a nice long visit. How do they feel about dogs?
    I am happy for you that it was so perfect .. have I mentioned that I am freezing?

  4. Glorious! The picture of the little cafe with pink tables reminds me of the Village Saint Paul? Just off Rue Saint Paul!

  5. Merci, mes amis. Ooouuuuii... what I wouldn't give right now to be back in the sunshine, wandering the windy roads and discovering cute little boutiques...

  6. Wonderful photos! Looks like you had a beautiful time. I see Rome and the tiny Italian villages in some of the photos too.

  7. Lovely pictures!
    All the more reason to love the blog ;)

    Paris Tours