Saturday, November 6, 2010

So long, 37. You’ve been good to me.

Hello, 38. I hope it’s another good year.

Yep, it’s my birthday. So far, so good: a (wet) day at Versailles, followed by tea at Trianon Palace, and, soon, champagne and dinner with my girlfriends.

Some people hate birthdays. I, on the other hand, am a birthday whore. I love hearing from old friends and close family. I love planning the day and doing the things I want to do. I love being extra indulgent. And, bien sur, I love a good reason for champagne and sweets (as the card my friends Connie & Nina sent said, “Ahhh, cake! It makes it all so worthwhile.”).

But what I like most about birthdays is reflecting on the year that has passed. #37 had some low points, to be sure (food poisoning, stress, depression, losing my tooth and breaking down over the telephone with my mom), but I feel like it’s been a pretty remarkable year.

Some of my favorite moments and memories include.

The opera and ferris wheel with Mel. Bike rides and brunches with Jo. Dinners and drinks with Michael. Dorking out and getting deep with Sarah. Plus my many new friendships that have bloomed in Paris in recent months. Thank you, all.

I had wonderful visits from friends from home: Bennie, Jerem, Connie and Nina, Cheryl, Kevs and Christie, Mary and her friends. And when I was in New York, it too, too good to see my rocks: AJ, Julie and Mer; Bennie and Merrill; Mr. B; and my loves, Mitchell and Kerry. (Though many of you, I missed. Snif.)

I loved seeing my best friend get married and meeting my new godson, Max.

I loved spending Valentines with my true loves, Annika and Aidan (and Chris and Dana). Eating ice cream in the country with mom and Bob. Strolling around Brooklyn’s leafy streets with Papa.

I got to travel to New York, Uganda and Sicily for work. Arles and Lyon for relaxation. I met Tsoi in Portugal and Connie, Peasley and Butch in Italy. Plus, a couple perfect Saturdays, exploring London with Chris.

Then there were the macarons: Pierre Hermé’s Macaron Day, my Macaron Smackdown, making macarons in class, and sampling Rachel’s savory macarons at her ’80s dinner party (where I was the only chump who dressed up).

Velibing. Strolling the markets. Trying new restaurants. Trying new pastries. Taking long walks. Admiring the views. Feeling happy. Feeling lucky. Feeling alive. 38 has a lot to live up to.


  1. Happy birthday Amy !
    Enjoy my little city, under the rain !! :-)

  2. Happy Birthday, Amy !
    There is SO much more out there waiting to happen, enjoy !!
    Love ( from one who has had more birthdays and is known to drag them out into birthday weeks..getting every last good drop out of it )

  3. Bon anniversaire! A la tienne!!

  4. Joyeaux Anniv' dear Amy! Wishing you a lovely evening and beautiful year ahead, one filled with delicious food. Here's to Champagne tonight, pâtisserie of many strips, and vegan Mondays, chère amie!

  5. Many happy returns! Can't think of a better place to celebrate your birthday than dear old Paris :)

  6. Happy birthday, fellow Scorpio! It has been such a pleasure getting to know you and I wish you a year full of happiness, health, light, love, and all the adventures you desire! I love birthdays, too. Live it up!

  7. Bon Anniversaire! Great Post, you have a wonderful life so you should definitely celebrate!

  8. Happy Birthday, Amy. You certainly don't look 38. Not that there's anything wrong with that. ;-)

  9. I moved (back) to Paris about a two months ago, and started a blog on my first day of school which was also my 42nd birthday, so it is funny I discovered your blog on your birthday entry! I'll come back for a visit, check out what other intersting stories and photos you post.
    Happy Birthday! Keep Velib-ing!

  10. Yowzers. Merci for all the happy wishes, kind thoughts and encouragement to celebrate. Special thanks to you, From Cali... it's about that age that it matters. ;)

    Thank you, thank you, mes amis! xo

  11. Amy- I feel so truly special to be one of your friends and am honored to be a part of your reflection on year 37! Sad we missed this birthday together but I'll be sure we're whooping it up NYC or CT-style next November. I'll probably just be getting my "groove back" and will be ready for indulgence and dancing. Love you so much and happy happy birthday! xoxo

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  13. What a great year! I'm sure the next one will be even better:) By the way, your about six weeks my senior!:)

    It's a real pleasure to read you every day:)

  14. well, hello fellow scorpio! happy birthday amy! it sounds like you had a wonderful day, and i know you're going to have a fabulous year... i can feel it! XOXO

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