Sunday, November 14, 2010

Shooting for the stars

New York, New York. It’ll always be home. And now that I’ve had this Parisian life, it will always be different.

Being there for a shoot this past week, not being on my own terms, was très different. Not that I’m complaining. Not at all. Despite averaging about five hours a sleep a night and 5000 calories a day (or, because of?), it was great fun.

The films we were shooting won’t be live until next spring. But here’s a cute scene from one of them.

And the set of the other.

The 30th floor of the Carlyle Hotel.

Overlooking Central Park. Mon dieu.

It was a long day, so I got to watch the sunset…

… and take in the incredible views of midtown at night.

(This view could be yours, too, for $5k a night.)

After the three non-stop workdays, which included non-stop eating and non-stop drinking, and even a little dancing, I finally had a day of rest.

Or, more accurately, a day of gluttony.

Bennie and I met for a decadent lunch at Gramercy Tavern.

He didn’t want his picture taken, so I busied myself capturing the classic autumnal atmosphere.

(Which matched the gorgeous foliage outside.)

Just a few hours later, I got ready to have dinner and drinks with Amee and Jules at The Jane.

Which was followed the next day by a quick lunch at 'inoteca with Peter, Mitchell, Mel and Alison…

… before hopping back on the plane—with Carine Roitfeld (sweet!)... a pink-skied Paris.

What will this coming week hold?


  1. Lovely just lovely .. the views of Central Park and the NY night photos and that pink skied Paris ... sighing ~

  2. the autumnal atmosphere is beautifully captured, the pictures are wallpaper worthy!!

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  3. Oh, I just felt a pang for my old home! Thank you for sharing your week and lovely photos. I love Gramercy Tavern!

  4. Ah New York. How I miss thee. What gorgeous views of what truly is the city that never sleeps (and so why should you when there?)

    Looking forward to hearing more...