Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Just giant

Aren’t the size of the Plane tree leafs just astounding? They crack me up.

It’s lovely and mild here in Paris. A bit rainy, but, with the rain, warmer temps. It’s so nice, not being cold. Not wearing a scarf all day. But the best part is leaving work in the evening, and getting that delicious, unmistakable smell of fall. It’s like trick-or-treating in Connecticut. Like the field hockey season. Having that certainty that everything is about to change, leaving you feeling a little melancholic but in a bittersweet and hopeful way.


  1. Autumn ( just about anywhere) is my favorite season... and always too short. For all the reasons you mention .. plus some .
    We had a taste of summer today and that was especially nice for a first day out for the invalid :)
    Have an apple tart tatin for me .. you know, fall/apple picking in Upstate NY etc

  2. hasnt this week been lovely? I wish it would stay like this just a little while longer...

  3. I love your description of fall and change being melancholy in a bittersweet and hopeful way.

  4. Whoa! These leaves are gorgeous, it's amazing what nature makes :)

  5. Ah shades of Gerard Manley Hopkins'
    Spring and Fall
    Margaret, are you grieving

    Over Goldengrove unleaving?
    bla bla bla
    A lovely Fall poem...

  6. "Moulin Rouge Show"

    go to this if you get a chance! i just went recently, it was incredible, and cheap!

  7. That's one BIG leaf!
    And I love the four seasons - living in Pennsylvania, it's something I can totally appreciate and relate to as you write about Autumn in Paris.

    Everyone waxes poetic about Spring in Paris. Fall is something to revel in there, too. Enjoy! As I will be doing here in PA. It is raining tonight...