Thursday, November 25, 2010


It’s good to be thankful every day. Well, as one of those saps who believes that life is a gift, I think so anyway.

But with today being the official holiday of giving thanks, let me count my blessings:

• That I am here in Paris. That I’ve been here for 20 months, living a dream life. And that in two more months, I will return to my friends and family in New York.
• That I am healthy. Every once in awhile when I’m super tired or achy, sapped of energy and strength, life just feels so much harder and darker. Thank goodness I typically have good energy and tip-top health.
• That I am surrounded by some of the best food in the world and that I appreciate it. I feel sorry for people with food allergies. And anorexics. Really.
• That my experience here in Paris has been made richer by truly extraordinary friends. Really, really blessed with the best friends in the world!
• That my job has not only been stable, but really fun and fulfilling, in these less-than-certain times.
• That I’m in good spirits.
• That at least I have some wine and cheese waiting for at the end of the day, since turkey and pumpkin pie will be conspicuously absent.


  1. I am thankful for you, Amy : wonderful friend and inspiration.

    All my love to you today and always.

    x Mel

  2. I'm thankful for inspiring people who write inspiring blogs, among many other things:)

    Happy Thanksgiving, Amy!:)

  3. You dont miss thanksgiving food?! Its my favorite meal of the year...not sure why!This is the first year i wont partake of this meal. I may have had some homemade pumpkin pie for breakfast today!

  4. I'm thankful for pretty much everything in my life which includes finding your blog. Because through our email exchanges I've been reminded of the kindness of complete strangers. AND that I learned I'm not the only person out there with an exhaustive love of a place I call home. Which means I'm not crazy. haha Enjoy the rest of your time in Paris. I know NYC is over the moon at your impending return. Happy day to you.

  5. Happy Thanksgiving to you !
    We have wine and we have dessert, but it is too hot for the sort of cooking that means Thanksgiving. .. I will wait until I am back in the US one day to do the turkey thing :)
    I am grateful that I found your blog and "met" you .. and hope some day we will meet when we are all in NY at the same time.
    besitos, C

  6. Happy Thanksgiving to you dear Amy! We can have a special traditional Thanksgiving dinner in CT this winter when you return.

  7. You guys are amazing - thank you for the sweet words; they make my day! xo

  8. I'd say you have a ton to be thankful for and certainly even once you resume your place as a New Yorker, that thanks will return the favor to you with other amazing opportunities!