Friday, November 19, 2010

Adding it up

I intended to be a little more modest in my food and booze consumption after last week’s blitz-binge in New York. But alas, it was a busy week in Paris. I got around.

There was dinner at Chartier at Kasia and Cynthia…

… And drinks at Le Pompon with Rachel and Sarah. (I’ll trust you all that this is worthy of its “new hot spot” title.)

Jo and I met for a mid-week, pre-work breakfast.

And then I hopped down to for a (relatively healthy) lunch at Artcurial.

Thursday night, Mel and I joined every other Parisian keen to celebrate Beaujolais Nouveau. But Le Garde-Robe was too crowded so be bailed and had heaping bowls of pad thai at Livingstone.

This morning, I couldn't help myself: Praluline from Pralus.

And this weekend’s agenda? Angelina and Jeanne A.

God, I love Paris.


  1. I would advise just all-out eating whatever you want in your last weeks in Paris. You can always re-size when you're back in the States!

  2. Manchester in ManchesterNovember 19, 2010 at 12:34 PM

    I love Chartier :-) one of my faves

  3. I agree with Amy .. (the other Amy ).. eat whatever you want and as much as you wish, since this is not going to last forever, you have to eat it while you can.

  4. You hit up so many great Parisian places! The food looks delicious, especially your breakfast with Jo.

  5. Oh, the food is so wonderful!!

  6. you were in my neck of the woods at Chartiers - one of my favs. Food not brilliant (but the cheese is!) but the ambiance and the waiters are worth a visit. Never had a bad bottle of the Buzet wine there (all varities) - suprisingly reasonable for a named bottle.

    Most fun is being a twosome and sitting with strangers.

    And I love the fact that there is no concession to tourists (although the waiters are very helpful)