Thursday, November 25, 2010

French phrase of the day: Je vivais ma petite vie

Def: I was living my little life

I love little phrases like this. Probably because I love little words like “little”. But my dear friend Connie sent me a link to another expat-in-Paris’ blog. Beyond the new phrase, and how much I love it, I was struck by the similarity of this stranger’s experience before coming to Paris and, especially, the jumble of emotions while living here. How, despite everything being dreamy and lovely and inspired, the reality is not exactly, well, a dream. There is alienation and loneliness, being a foreigner in Paris. Rudeness and abrasiveness. Condescension and a lack of a sense of humor. But—with perseverance and a thick skin, it is ultimately dreamy. It’s Paris, after all! The place where I protect my little dreams for myself—mes petits rêves.


  1. I love your little phrases :)
    I also love the way you put into words, the not so wonderful parts of being an expat .. anywhere.. I think it is pretty much the same.
    Although in your case/mine.. the people here make it wonderful, great sense of humor and kind to a ridiculous degree .. but it is not Paris :)
    Besos from a Hot Sunny Buenos Aires !!

  2. There is alienation and rudeness and abrasiveness even here in "nice" Southern Minnesota. With not an Eiffel Tower or Champs-E or Notre Dame or Cluny Museum (with those unreal tapestries) in sight to soften them. Still, I have mes petits reves about those things - and live them vicariously through you and other ex-pats!