Monday, November 22, 2010

Go vegan, go Paris!

Here I’ve been, doing my own little Vegan Monday thing (er, um, okay, I was a little errant the last couple weeks) only to find out that vegans are coming out of the woodwork in this lovely meat-eating city!

Mark it on your calendar, mes amis: next Sunday is Paris’ second annual Vegan Day.

And one of the major sponsors is The Gentle Gourmet, a seasonal-organic-vegan kitchen-B&B-cooking school. Genius, no? That’s going on the list of must-dos. In the meantime, I’m back on track...

Coffee & soy milk
A sweet-tart Granny Smith apple

Veggie Tangine – perfect for this awful, damp weather
A couple of bananas

Roasted sweet potato, carrots and parsnips
A clementine


  1. Congrats! :)
    Too bad I already ate meat and dairy! Ha I would be an awful vegan!

  2. Well to Hell with Thanksgiving Turkey!
    Let him come to celebrate the roots of compassion on Sunday!
    I would love to join in too but like the sales person said outside of HM this morning to the meager line waiting for the Lanvin window stock to go on sale, you could fly to Paris for the sale on the 23rd
    I snagged a men's blazer...wool...though I wonder if any sheep were harmed?
    Have fun :)

  3. I'm dining there on New Year's Eve! Can't wait:) Are you ushering in the New Year in Paris or in NYC?

  4. It is only 4 in the afternoon so I have had a gallon of coffee and half of a huge honeydew melon.
    vegan so far ... :)