Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Weather check: stuck in May… or is it March?

I don’t know if it’s the cool, grey weather that’s been hanging over Paris for the past few months, or if it’s something more personal and internal. But life just feels like one big rinse-and-repeat cycle. Seriously, today could be a good day in March, an average day in May, or a blah day in July. It’s all the same. The weather has been the same for months (crap). My life has been the same for months (ho-hum). And while the forecast for the former looks to be yet the same for days, I’m determined to sprinkle some sunshine into the latter. Time to shake things up!


  1. I hear you, Amy! It's hard to rally with weather like this, but by god, we must try.

  2. A week in Africa is the same ??
    Amy, Am I gonna have to come there and shake things up a bit ?
    Bring the Pup and make you walk him?
    Guaranteed to bring you admirers that you don't want and many many people who just want to talk to you and pet your pup.
    Take Milo for a walk.. take him to the park and sit on a bench.. let him ride in his own basket on the Velib... shake it up :)

  3. oh why does the weather never cooperate?
    Even when it's fine there can be problems..
    Best to discount it altogether I suppose...

  4. I have actually never been to Paris in warm weather.. always going in Oct/November or March/April.
    I see Paris in my minds eye as often damp/wet and chilly and atmospheric .. so to imagine it warm and sunny and summery is almost impossible.
    I hope the sun comes out for you soon and you get all that Paris when it Sizzles thing.

  5. per my 5 day forecast this weekend will be good! Possibly a little too hot for me.

  6. love that attitude! I hear ya on weather being such an influence on our lives... when I lived in Prague last fall, it would get pitch dark at 4pm. Totally not ideal. (Otherwise, the city rocked!)