Friday, July 16, 2010

Sensory Friday

This week…

I spied Marc Jacobs, busy at work, through a window at work.
This morning, I could hear my neighbor practicing the piano.
Wednesday night, I back and forthed between the creamiest vanilla crème bruleée and the richest chocolate mousse at Chez Janou.
I felt so happy to see Jeremy and Tiffany after several years; and so happy to see Mel upon her return from Paris.
And smells? Well nothing is better than that fresh-baguettes-from-the-oven smell from the Paris boulangeries.

Bon vendredi!


  1. Ohhhh maaaannn ... let me see..
    I saw Red Hibiscus spilling over the wall of an old house.
    I heard music in the park .. Tango songs.
    I tasted scones with dried fruit and hot strong tea this afternoon.
    And I smelled Jasmine that my housekeeper sprayed all over the apartment before we came home.

    (somehow none of it really lives up to a baguette in Paris though :)

  2. Both your guys' sensory observations sound so nice! :D I guess mine would start with the sound of the lawn being mowed by my next door neighbor because that's what I'm hearing right now...But I agree with a Broad, the baguettes' smell is something worth traveling halfway across the world (at least for me) to experience ;D

  3. I like this game--
    I watched a thunderstorm come from the west across the city to me from my 17th floor office window;
    I tasted the perfect balance of a Willamette valley pinot noir with an oxtail stew on Wednesday night;
    I awoke Friday to a raucous morning call of birds and listened until I could hear the pattern of call and response and identify the types of birds;
    I smelled a freshly toasted bagel and coffee and savored every bite and sip (this was hard; I didn't come across too many memorable smells late this week);
    As for emotional--fierce intensity of focus earlier in the week with total exhaustion but slowly realized relief and relaxation Thursday and Friday. Funny how it comes slowly after such an intense time.