Sunday, July 25, 2010

I read it in Uganda

While English is the official language of Uganda, it’s still a little different from the English we/I know and speak. There’s something really simple and pure about it. So direct and honest, it was both refreshing and entertaining not to read such cleverly crafted, sometimes convoluted messages.

For example, the headline for a juice ad read:
Taste the fruits of nature

And a purified water company was named:
Rain Drop

On the drive from Kampala to Gulu, we passed everything from hair salons (Faithfull Beauty Saloon) to pharmacies (ABC Drug Shop).

Dining options included Meal Time Restaurant, Quick Action Takeout and Pork Joint.

There was also Mumu’s Takeout, which was just two doors down from Mumu’s Coffins.

We stayed at a place called the Acholi Inn, but other options might have been the Highlife Guesthouse or Miss Guesthouse.

There were tons of schools everywhere, including Happy Hours Kindergarten and Brilliant High School.

But the most prevalent theme was religion. God and Jesus were everywhere. From the Trust God Hotel to Trust Jesus Saloon to God’s Mercy Phone Repairing. Amen.

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  1. Vaguely reminding me of growing up in North Carolina :)
    God's Mercy Phone Repair next door to Mumu's Coffins and Take-out lol.