Friday, July 30, 2010

Sensory Friday

This week…

I listened to The Drums again and again and again. (And so should you.)
I saw two movies; a record in recent months. No wait, make that four since I watched two on the plane back from Uganda. The Blind Side, Small Time Crooks, Date Night and Brooklyn’s Finest. (Hey, I said I saw four movies, not four good movies.)
I felt so good getting to the gym every morning (before my membership expires this weekend).
The scent of the lemongrass essential oil my yoga teacher used for our end-of-the-class neck massage made me very relaxed indeed.
This morning, I broke my 10-day pastry-free spell by inhaling a Nutella crepe along with a croissant slathered in Nutella.


  1. Since I try to copy everything you do ( in my imagination at least) I will now commence to having that breakfast from now on .. or at least until my clothes don't fit :)

  2. I listened to the rain all day , coming down in sheets!
    I watched the porter climb a ladder in the semi dark and figure out which wire in ceiling light was shutting down all of our lights.
    I felt glad that he lived through it.
    The scent of a wet pup is lingering in my home.
    I made tortilla soup and burned my tongue :)

  3. A Haiku

    I prefer croissants.
    Slathered with blackberry jam,
    Buttery goodness.

    Although, to be honest, I wouldn't turn down a crepe covered in Nutella, or a lemon tart.

  4. I spent the night with a tart and covered her in Nutella. How does that rate?