Friday, July 2, 2010

Bags of books

Pick up some cheap summer reading tomorrow at SOS Help's "Summer Clearance" book sale. Fill an entire bag of books for only 5 euros, and support this great outfit.

SOS Help is a non-profit, English-speaking crisis line in France, open from 3pm to 11pm daily, where you can talk about anything from feeling lonely to concerns about integrating. The number is 01 46 21 46 46.

The book sale is Saturday, July 3, from noon to 4pm.

Courtyard at St. Joseph's Church
50 avenue Hoche, Paris 75008


  1. Wish I could hop on a plane and shop! Too bad..

  2. don't think I will make it - I arrive around lunchtime and have to hit Virgin and shoe shops before Les Mis in the evening.

    Hope you have a great time and make lots of money for the helpline


  3. Merci, ladies! Hoping to make it over and scoop up some good English reads...