Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Lovely days in the Haut Marais

You know I like my sandwich guy and the Marché des Enfants Rouge.

You know I like shopping on rue Charlot.

But the reasons to love the Haut Marais keep adding up.

There are leisurely lunches with Bon Appetit and delicious tartes salées at Tartes Kluger.

There’s the new Merce and the Muse; which, with its clever shabby-chic-industrial design and lattés and salads and little heart-shaped carrot cakes, is a welcome taste of home…

…right next door to gelateria, Mary…

which is right around the corner from the remarkable and inspiring Ofr., a fashion bookstore/gallery combo (champagne vernissage this Thursday!!)

In fact, as posh as Parisians pretend the Haut Marais to be, more and more, it reminds me of the friendly, neighborhood-y vibes of Brooklyn, San Francisco and Sydney.

In other words, a lovely and welcome place to be.


  1. :(
    why am I not there ??? why ??

  2. Because you are in BA, another amazing, beautiful city in which people long to live... :)