Friday, January 14, 2011

Welcome Home!

That was the oh-so-sweet subject line of my friend Mitchell's email. Mitchell is my faux-beau; I, his fruit fly. We met in San Francisco, were roommates in our early New York years, and have done more than our fair share of cocktails, movies and dance floors; laughing, sharing and crying; bitching, wishing and consoling. We are madly, deeply, truly in love. So I was touched by his thoughtful email. Until I saw its contents:

Aww, thanks sweetie.


  1. Oh God, oh God, OH MY GOD!!!!!

    The only thing that could be worse is if it had been a spider.

    Yeah, welcome home.

  2. I can only say what Amy said: OH MY GOD!!! The most impressive thing about that was how calm the other riders were, just lifting their feet up....I'd have been standing on the bench or hanging from the cieling screaming!!!

  3. OH YUCK! rats the size of cats - no thank you! I'm so glad you're back! XOXO

  4. I am not looking because I saw this in the news this morning.
    I said, Is that a squirrel? ( seems I have not seen a squirrel in years and I forget exactly what they and rats look like) ...
    I never rode the subways, this is another reason for me not to try it.

  5. no way it is a squirel, God I;m glad we do not have such "pets" in my hotel.

  6. I see it has been removed. I guess I should be grateful, since I get rattled by rats.

    BTW, I love 'fruit fly'. Never heard it before and it's wonderful.