Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Chapter two

When I come back to live in Paris, it's going to be somewhere like this.

(A girl can dream.)


  1. In that case, when I come back to visit Paris, I will be visiting you! (A girl can dream.);-)

    I am going to miss the French word of the day and Milo's adventures in Paris. Although Milo in NY doesn't sound so bad.

    It's been a great ride, Amy. I am so glad I found your blog. You had better let me know if you are ever in CA. A bit early, I know, but have a safe journey home.

  2. HOLY! That is magnifique...and appears to be very low maintenance!

  3. One must dream in order to manifest:)

  4. Well, then, I will be your neighbor :)

    I too, will miss the French words and Velib stories.
    Will you be giving us NYC restaurant reviews ? words of the day ? :)

  5. I love how you say when I "come back to live" in Paris. A gentle reminder that moves aren't always permanent. It always helps me part with a place a little easier if I remind myself that I can come back. :-)

  6. Last time I was in Paris, I took a million photos of where I would live WHEN I moved there.

    Create your dream, baby.

  7. ... and I will be living next door ;-)
    I will miss your Parisian adventures. Thank you for sharing them. It was great to read your blog!!! It must be hard to leave such a beautiful (my favourite) city! Hope you will be able to return soon. Take care!