Monday, January 24, 2011

My Vegan Mondays

Same drill, different city!

Coffee with soy milk

A medley of salads from the agency cafeteria: roasted garlic broccoli, sweet potatoes and corn, grilled tofu, lentil salad with scallions and tomatoes—overall, pas mal.

The most amazingly delicious carrot-ginger soup I made this weekend
Tea with honey*

* One of the reasons for the honey is I’ve been sick. And working a ton. And unpacking and organizing my apartment. And catching up with friends. And trying to stay warm (four degrees this morning—I didn’t sign up for this!). Or, to put it simply, I’m feeling guilty that I haven’t been writing. But I will! Soon! I miss you!


  1. Well, missy, I have missed you too ! I imagined you dining out every night with friends and catching up on stories and stores and restaurants .. I forgot it was too cold .. Here, it is too hot. What can you do ~
    Feel better, Happy Monday ..

    My Vegan Monday:
    cherries, plums, then I blew it on pizza.
    I need you around to stay focused :)

  2. Wow!
    I love how you do vegan Monday's! I so wish I could! I blew it early this morning!

  3. tis the season - i hope you feel better soon! we're all entitled to our sick days so don't feel guilty. XO

  4. working a ton sounds a lot like America! Don't work yourself too hard, you need to ease back in slowly!

  5. Oh please, no guilt! You've just relocated from another country. But still delighted for every post. Re: the agency cafeteria -- it's nice that you could slide right back in to your old place. Will you be sharing/able to share any of the work you're doing in NYC as you did in Paris? I love seeing the differences between my little copywriter gig and your very grand work.