Friday, January 28, 2011

Weather check: out of the frying pan, into the fire

While it was snowing up a storm in Paris, it was a balmy 40 degrees in New York. Which is what I thought I'd come home to. No such luck. Three weeks, five snowstorms and over three feet of snow later, I have decided that the next time I make a life-changing, transatlantic move, I will wait until spring.


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  2. I am sure my son is thinking something along those lines.. moving back to NY and having to commute each day. Just keep counting the days til Spring .. it shouldn't be long now. Remember years ago when there were 17 snowstorms ? I remember that winter well lol ... I can't forget it no matter how hard I try :)

  3. Beautiful = PHOOEY!
    I've had it!
    Moving to Paris toute a suite

  4. Ann, I have to agree with Carol: it is absolutely magical. Until you have to go outside and contend with ponds of dirty slush and knee-deep snow stained with dog pee!

    Candice, very much counting the days until spring. And better yet: summer!

    Erin, Milo is tres content. He has his old window perch from which to watch the snow fall. It's not as charming as the zinc roofs of Paris, but, looking over the intersection of Third Ave & 14th Street, there's a lot more action to keep him preoccupied!