Wednesday, January 12, 2011

From 3600 miles away

What a week! Last Monday kicked off an impressive food frenzy as if I were never going to see Paris again: Comptoir salads with Opal at Merci’s cantine. Morning pastries from Boulangerie Julien. A divine lunch at the classic bistro, Chez Georges. A pop-in to l’Etoile d’Or. Un chocolat chaud at Café Wepler. Drinks at Chez Prune. Dinner at Le Verre Volé. And a nightcap at Experimental.

I was invited to the maiden lunch at Rachel Khoo’s La Petite Cuisine de Paris. I enjoyed a visit with Chloe Doutre-Roussel of Chloe Chocolat. The troops gathered for drinks (and damn good frites) at Le Perle (merci à tous! And a special merci to Michael for bringing the Jean-Paul Hévin chocolate galette de rois). There was a nightcap at La Trinquette. One last salad at Cosi. And let’s not forget the Nutella street crepe! Double miam. Visits to Franck Kestener and Un Dimanche à Paris sandwiched a pit-stop at Sugarplum. And au final, cocktails—one round too many (sorry, Mel, but we had to do it!)—at Le Carmen.

It was consumption of epic proportions, and I would have had it no other way. They were my last few days in Paris! Needless to say, by the time I doped up Milo for the 12-hour trip and carried my bags down the six flights of stairs, I was done. Exhausted. Fini.

The journey home included a bit of feline angst and mediocre plane food (thank goodness I packed an Eric Kayser galette de rois), but at least I was distracted by movies (The Social Network, You Will Meet a Tall, Dark Stranger, and The American) and my book (Freedom). And then I arrived. Home.

I must say, it feels great. My best friend threw me a party. Within 24 hours, I got to catch up with a dozen good friends over prosecco and American hugs. There was late-night Two Boots, then a taxi ride through Central Park and down Fifth Avenue, one of my favorite rides, which deposited me in my neighborhood, my apartment, my bed. So comfortable and familiar!

I’ve been to Whole Foods and Trader Joes. I went to yoga and got a mani-pedi. I have dinner dates this week, and next week come the concerts (The Drums!) and movies (Somewhere!). I am seeing the city and how it is different today, while remembering eight years of my life, before Paris.



It’s too soon to plot a quick trip over; I’m enjoying being back in New York too much. But I’m thinking of you all, I’m thinking of the city, and I’m wondering what this year of Transatlantic adventures will hold.


  1. Welcome home! I am addicted to your blog - keep writing!

  2. I´m glad you´re okay, but I´m terribly missing your posts from Paris...

  3. I'm glad you landed softly.

    Your New York adventures sound chic, too.

  4. The Drums! Well that sounds like an awesome (in the actual sense of the word) welcome back. I am determined to get to NYC in 2011. And back to Paris too of course!

    Hope you're settling back okay, hope to hear more tidbits from your NYC life! Bisous

  5. Welcome home! Hopefully you will keep us posted on your new American adventures!

  6. How is Milo? Does he remember his NY home? Sounds like a new sketch series!! Hugs, Erin

  7. Ahh Home again ! I am so happy to hear how joyous a homecoming it has been, complete with food and drink ! :)
    I look forward to hearing Milo's account of the flight, I bet he didn't enjoy the movies.
    I am Happy you are Happy ... see you someday ! chau, C

  8. Merci, mes amis! I'm looking forward to getting back into a blogging groove soon, trust me. For now, oui, you can trust that I'm eating up NYC and that Milo weathered the transatlantic flight like a champ (it only took two days for the meds to wear off!) Bis, bis, bis!

  9. So glad your trip back was uneventful, and I will look forward to NYC posts in the future.

  10. Hi Amy! I'm sorry I missed your Paris bon voyage - I was in New York! I'm glad you've made it safely across the ocean and I trust that there will be many transatlantic trips in the future. NYC/Paris - you are still living the dream. I am so glad we met and I can call you my "amie" !

  11. Whoa, what a mega eating week!

    I think we were destined to be friends -- the first few places I visited after returning home was Whole Foods, Trader Joes and my regular yoga studio.

  12. It's possible to always have one foot in NYC and one foot in Paris, yes? You are helping me to love this life and miss that one. The love affairs continue!