Wednesday, January 5, 2011

One more for the road

I'll take her!


  1. A nice ride but not as sexy as a bicycle. I think my driving days are behind me, in shah allah as the Arabs say--God willing. I have three bikes yet I'm totally addicted to the Valenbisí system (the same company as Velib). I'm so lazy that I will take a bike to go to the market that is three blocks from my door (taking one of my bikes isn't worth the bother of taking it from the storeroom downstairs and then worrying about locking it later). Good riddance to cars.

    This old Mercedes should serve only as a memorable icon of an outdated technology, like and old victrola. Give me a bike or the AVE (Spain's answer to the TGV).

  2. Bon voyage sweetie !! Have a good flight and a soft happy landing.
    See you in NY!!