Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Rodin, lovely and amazing

Is it just me, or is the Rodin Museum one of the most romantic places in Paris?

It’s both majestic and rickety…

… grand and humble…

…and all of those sensual, chiseled sculptures.

There are the magnificent gardens and views…

The best of Paris.


  1. The Rodin Museum is one of my favourite places in Paris!

  2. Yes. It's a magical place. I loved the sculpture of the two hands so much I sat there and watched it as the light changed for an hour.

  3. I've never been but definitely will after seeing it through your eyes. Thank you!

  4. The Rodin and gardens are my favorite spots in Paris.. we always go back and no matter what time of year those gardens are breathtaking. The Gates of Hell ? out in the garden .. wonderful.
    And the small but incredible sculpture by Camille Claudel of the Wave .. tiny women, big wave made of green .. I want to say marble but not sure .. some kind of stone .. so very beautiful.
    Thank you for reminding me :)

  5. We spent a lovely few hours there last summer. It is certainly a true Parisian gem. The gardens were so lovely we ran out of time and didn't make it inside, so I enjoyed a peek inside here. A reason to go back certainly.

  6. It is an exquisite place! Have you watched the movie "Camille Claudel"? It's a marvelous movie about his life and that of his mistress.

  7. Candice, I took a picture of the Gates of Hell, but just couldn't do it justice. But I remember seeing it for the first time when I was a student: mesmerizing.

    Joy, I will have to watch that movie - I've never heard of it!

    Magic, magic, glad you ladies agree!

  8. It's by far my most favorite spot in the city! :) Paris in Pink