Monday, January 3, 2011

To the market

I couldn’t resist a last stroll through the Raspail Market yesterday.

I felt healthy just being there.

The crowds were as fierce as ever.

God, I'm going to miss the dairy in France.

Jackpot! The potato galette... it smelled... so... delicious...


  1. Ahh! You were right below my apartment! We could have communed over the galettes! P.S. It embarrasses me that I know this, but I believe the photo above is of the more humble chickpea galette, sold a little more mid-market.

  2. Ann! I wish I had known. Zut.

    And you're right: I didn't realize these were the chickpea variation; they smelled absolutely delicious. The line for the real deal, the potato pancakes, was much longer... I should have known. :)

  3. It was -2 degrees F last night here. I'm dying for the day the farmer's market opens and I can buy lettuce outside without me or it freezing instantly.

    Did you have some of that chocolat chaud, too?

  4. there are things, we still do not dare to taste, but we trust you.