Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Spring love

Much ado has been made of Daniel Rose’s reopening of Spring, so I’ll keep my contribution to the appreciative chorus to a minimum. But I will say it’s great to work just three doors down from Daniel, Marie-Aude and the team, even if it’s rare that I’ll be able to splurge for a meal there (unless they start cheffing up lobster rolls, of which I’ve heard rumors, for which I will pay boatloads of money).

First course: caviar d’aubergines
Creamy, lemony, lovely

Second course: smoked tomato, tempura shrimp and caramelized eggplant
Smoky, savory, pow!

Third course: red mullet with veal gelatin and foie gras
Me? Pass

Fourth course: duck broth with carrots and radishes

Fifth course: duck breast served with crispy thigh bits and poached peach
Red and juicy and tender and shake-in-my-seat delicious

Dessert course: lemon pie, sans crust, crème anglaise, praline shavings and blueberries
Light, sweet, summer love

So qui sait? Maybe I'll be splurging at Spring more often than I think.


  1. It's lunch time in Canada and this post is making me so envious of a great meal.

  2. The dessert seems the perfect ending, light, tart and creamy, to the intense meatiness and savory flavors that went before.
    Crust-free citron tart!
    I must go there and get dessert at least...