Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Picnicking Parisians

Parisians might even have New Yorkers beat when it comes to la joie de picnicking. Give ‘em a little sunlight (yes, we got a sliver on Sunday and Monday), a stage for musicians or movies, the banks of a river or canal, a bottle of rosé, a crunchy baguette, stinky cheese et voila—everyone is happy.

Pick your top spot, and don't forget the essentials: a good blanket and an even better book; wine opener and folding knife; cloth napkins (don't be so disposable, mes amis!) and joie, joie, joie.


  1. Me too! I think it's my new favorite! :)

  2. O M G !!!!!!
    I hope there weren't any WAIT STAFF from SERVICE @ Lassarre!