Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Weather check: bitterness falls with the rain

Today would be quite a nice day. In April. Donning jeans and a sweater, plus a little jacket because it’s that cold, I set out across the Pont des Arts at lunch for my favorite salad. And, just to add insult to injury, it started raining. Just a light but steady pitter-patter, oui, just like April showers.

I am now as officially obsessed with as I am bitter about the weather.


  1. to heck with the bad weather!
    food food glorious food
    I wanna know about it

  2. Mandy in ManchesterAugust 17, 2010 at 12:57 PM

    Raining here too..... but we did have a gorgeous weekend.

  3. I am with ParisBreakfasts ... where is this great salad? Wish we would get some rain.

  4. But were your ears ringing ?
    I was regaling the husband on our walk through the parks with stories of vegan meals and weekends in London .. all setting the stage for the idea for the move to Europe next lol.

    I wore a sweater over a sweater with a wool jacket today, if that makes you feel better. Just block out the fact that it is August.
    un beso

  5. Oh how I wish I could switch places with you! I'm so ready for cold weather and fall clothes. We still have at least two more months of 95F weather here in Florida.

    Hang in there Amy!!

  6. I've thought of you several times too recently, with that weather...I think I have an explanation for your weather: my ex's parents are in Paris for their anniversary trip. If anyone can bring in the cold, it's her. LOL. They should be on their way home within the week.

  7. Hey, don't call that April weather. We were in Paris in April and it was sunny and beautiful all week. We sat around in cafes wearing short sleeves and I even got a little sun.

  8. This is the thing - the backwards weather is creating this weird mental time warp; I never know what season or month it is. I know I sound like a crazy old lady who can only talk about one thing, but I've seriously been too cold to sleep (socks, multi-layers in bed), and I just got rained out of my morning Velib ride. Grrr. Erin, can you call your in-laws home already?? :)

  9. I'm a Canadian expat in The Hague and I totally hear ya! The weather is absolutely miserable here too! Rainy, windy, chilly... I want my money back! Fortunately, my husband and I are going to Northern Italy in two weeks for a long-overdue vacation! Hope it's summer there because we only got about four weeks of it in the Netherlands! I feel cheated.