Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Rue Sainte Marthe

Have you ever been on this magical little street of Paris? It’s a hidden gem.

Mexican, Peruvian and Jamaican food. Artists painting until midnight. Kaleidoscopic facades that make you feel you’re many miles south of the city. J’aime bien.


  1. Where is this little gem in Paris?

  2. Yes - do tell! I will be in your fair city at the end of the year and must check it out!

  3. Yes, you must, Sarah! Meg, you too? When are you coming to Paris??

    My good friend Mel introduced me to this little slice of heaven—it's in the 10eme—and she lives but five minutes away and never even knew it existed. It doesn't feel like Paris at all - you'll love it! Place Saint Marthe, off rue Sainte Marthe. Right on the border of the 10eme and 11eme.