Sunday, August 9, 2009

An ace day with Alex

It’s been awhile since a friend has visited. Alex is shooting a spot in Prague so she came to Paris for the weekend. Yay!

It was a fun, indulgent, inspiring and tiring day.

After a late Friday night nosh of rosé and fromage, we slept in and then picked up Velibs. Before cruising up along Canal Saint-Martin, we made a pit-stop at Merci to admire the perfectly curated mix of vintage and contemporary furniture and housewares, kickass clothes and jewelry, and the flower shop, which had the most beautiful roses, a cute little orange bird and dahlias as big as my head.

Then it was off to Spring, for a sequel of the impossibly-light and otherworldly lobster rolls and goose fat fries dusted with orange and lime zest.

Since we’re both huge fans of Julia Child and all things delicious, we decided to track down her “rue de loo” residence (81 rue de l’université) but were disappointed that there was no plaque to recognize her past citizenship in the city.

Back on the bikes for a bit, a small breather for dinner, and then off to La Societé for dinner. It was good. Not mind-blowing. The atmosphere is lush and gorgeous, the menu is pretty comprehensive, but the crowd was Euro jet-set-y, the service was by turns fawning and absent, and the price-quality ratio was low. Alex’s chicken Paillard had an uncooked middle, and 30 euro for a piece of duck is sort of crazy, isn’t it?

No matter. It was a nice dinner, followed by a nightcap en plein air and a bike ride home, across the Seine and past the Louvre, and it doesn’t get much better than that.

After another day bumming around Paris, I, lucky girl, get to hang with Alex in Prague for a couple days. I’ll be back towards the end of the week.

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