Monday, August 16, 2010

My Vegan Mondays

Well, a special edition tonight. This week, Vegan Monday conflicted with a very, very important event: The American Smackdown in Paris.

I had to eat macarons for dinner. So, while most of my Monday was entirely, purely, faithfully vegan, I have a feeling there was just a little bit of butter and cream, plus a few egg whites, in those macarons.

Cantaloupe and banana

Tossed salad with roasted broccoli and yellow pepper, cukes and tomatoes, plus my favorite protein toppings: avocado and walnuts with diced sundried tomatoes

Macaron madness!
Veggies and hummus


  1. I am considering copying you and doing a vegan day.
    It will not be much of a difference for us as we don't eat meat but the butter/milk thing might be difficult for me. At least the milk .. I have to have milk in my coffee. No subsitutes. Can I still do it and not be a total loser?
    Your salad sounds so good ..

  2. Do it, do it! It's all these small changes that make a difference. It's not vastly different for me either, day to day, except all the cheese and I do like eating fish (which I have to rethink with all the overfishing...sigh). But it's interesting how much more difficult vegan is than vegetarian: no omelettes or quiche, no baked goods, many soups have cream bases (at least in Paris), etc. That said, there are plenty of options, including good Japanese, Chinese and Mediterranean, plus simple pastas and, oui, oui, salads.

    As for the milk, I'm a huge soy milk fan. If you don't like soy milk, you can try almond milk. Or powdered creamer? lol Or, go black!

  3. I am going to try this this week.
    I will let you know how I did ( especially if I was greatly successful lol)

  4. I am definitely going to copy you! It's a great way to be healthy and save the planet. Just finished 'Eating Animals' and now I'm feeling inspired. Gotta practice what we believe. BUT that said, the macarons were so yummy yesterday. Merci beaucoup!! I think you are excused. xo Erica

  5. Candice, definitely let me know how it goes.

    You too, Erica - if you need any personal prompting, just let me know. :) And you're most welcome for the macarons - wonderful to have had your contribution!