Sunday, August 1, 2010

Fashion love from abroad

The soldes are coming to an end and I scored just two tops and a little Isabel Marant jacket (and thank goodness for that—it’s been my summer staple in this weather). Oh yeah, and a kickass cocktail dress for which I need a soirée invitation to wear. But as July fades to August, it’s fashion from abroad that has caught my eye.

The cheeky wares from chip chop! are sooo cute! (un peu cher, even at the Australian dollar prices).

And the classics from Chance. You can see that everything is a descendant from someone who’s designed for the fabulous Kate Spade. Makes me long for a weekend on the Vineyard...


  1. Isabel Marant jacket? Luckt girl. I didn't take full advantage of the soldes this year, either. But I did score a taupe leather (studded!) bag at 60% off. Love it.

  2. I love Isabel Marant so much !
    Thanks for your comment !
    Hope you enjoy your summertime*°*°*°*